Lauren Gay Casper

 On Wednesday March 17, 2010, an apparent stalker stabbed two local residents Wednesday night at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Lauren Gay Casper, 29, of Cary, N.C., was jailed here Thursday on charges of attempted murder.

The Eureka Springs Police Department received a call at 8:45 p.m., reporting a disturbance with multiple stabbings. Officers Brian Williams and Brad Handley found a group of people at the front steps of the Crescent Hotel, tending to Paul Crider, a 31-year-old resident of Eureka Springs.

She’s being held in the Carroll County jail on $200,000 bond. 

                                                                                1886 Crescent Hotel

The officers were told that another stabbing victim was in the lower parking area. Williams stayed with Crider and tended to him until the arrival of emergency medical personnel. Handley, meanwhile, ran to the lower parking area, where he found 38-year-old Amy Fisher lying in the back of a pickup truck. People with her were using towels to try to stop the flow of blood from her wounds.

A short time later, a Eureka Springs couple called police to report that a white car had passed them on Spring Street and cut back in front of them too quickly, hitting their car. They attempted to follow the car, until the driver turned left onto U.S. Highway 62. They reported a license plate number which was found to be registered in North Carolina to Casper’s father. 

Paul Crider, 31, and Amy Fisher, 38, were treated and released at the Eureka Springs hospital.

Det. Morris Pate interviewed the victims at the hospital, and learned that Crider had known Casper from his college days. Crider told Pate that Casper had stalked him since college, and that she has repeatedly sent him emails.

Crider told Pate that Casper showed up in town, and he and Fisher decided to meet with her to talk things out. Crider and Fisher went to the Crescent, and Fisher went inside, where she met with Casper at the rooftop lounge. When Fisher and Casper went outside where Crider waited in the parked car, Casper reportedly began stabbing Fisher.

Crider got out of the vehicle to help, and he was also stabbed by Casper, who fled.

Pate has been in contact with Casper’s father, who said he did not know his daughter had driven his car to Eureka Springs. He is cooperating with the investigation.

Crider told police that Casper had been stalking him since his college days and continually e-mailing him. He said had tried to ignore her and simply deleted the messages.

However, Police Chief Earl Hyatt said, Casper showed up in Eureka Springs and Crider and Fisher decided to meet with her at the Crescent to try to talk things out.

Casper and Fisher told the police that when they got in a car with Casper she began stabbing them.

She was accused of stabbing a man she had been stalking for years. Assistant Police Chief Morris Pate said the man got a text message from her about 6 p.m. Paul Crider called police the next day after he received an email from Casper asking him to come alone to meet her at the Fly Rod Inn just west of Eureka Springs. Assistant Police Cheif Morris Pate went instead and said that Lauren Gay casper did not resist arrest or show any emotion.
Lauren Gay Casper has been charged with two counts of attempted murder for allegedly stabbing Paul Crider, and Amy Fisher on Wednesday. She’s being held in the Carroll County jail on $200,000 bond.
  1. antediluvian says:

    You did a much better job of covering this crime than the local papers did. For some reason, they don’t think it’s necessary to print perp pics.

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