OK I know that this post is not about criminal activity, but it should be, and I felt like I needed to post this to inform people who may have not heard about it.

In the 1990’s John W. Huffman, a chemist at Clemson University was studying the brain’s receptors for marijuana use. Huffman created what is now called a synthetic marijuana, known as JWH 018, a compound that stimulates the same receptors in the brain that are activated by smoking marijuana.

K2 Incense

K2 Incense also known as “Fake weed” is an herbal incense or a potpourri that can be burned like any other incense/potpourri in a small burner and it has been sprayed with this synthetic marijuana. Fake weed contains no illegal substances but offers a way to get high that is almost identical to natural marijuana. Even though it clearly states on the package that this is not to be smoked there is still some people who are choosing to smoke it.  This knock off weed is packaged and known by a variety of names with “K2′, “fake weed”, and “spice incense” being a few of the popular ones.

This new product knocked a teenager named Tyler Hartman from Polk County, Missouri unconscious for five hours, but those who sell it say it’s mild and safe. K2 is something that this 14-year-old Tyler Hartman heard about from his friends.

“They’d all tried it, and it didn’t kill them, so I just decided to try it,” stated Tyler. So when he was at a friend’s house Tuesday in Fair Play, he decided to try it. According to Tyler he said that he only took just one hit.”I sat there, and the room spun a little, and that’s really all that I remember,” said Tyler.

When Tyler began to vomit, have seizures, and even quit breathing, his friends parents called for an ambulance and then they called his family and delivered news to them that no parent wants to ever hear. Tyler’s parents arrived at his friend’s house just minutes before the EMT got there. “The EMT’s dragged him out of the house on a gurney,” said James Hartman, Tyler’s father.

Tyler spent the night in ICU and remained unconscious for five hours, while his family waited and worried.”They did blood work, and they done a drug test, and everything came back negative,” said James Tyler. Thankfully, he came out of it.

“I was waking up, and was just in a room looking around, and then I saw a bunch of doctors walking around, so I’m like, ‘Oh, wow,'” Tyler said. ”

Since the release of this incense it has become a very popular selling product. Many stores that sell K2 have reported record sales, some stating that they have sold K2 by the case. Stores have even reported that they have customers that have come in and told said that their doctors have sent them in there for pain such as  fibromyalgia, or if they’re having chemotherapy treatment, they can come get it for nausea.

However, Tyler has a different opinion. “Not to do it. It’s not really a very intelligent choice,” stated Tyler.

Of course, Tyler’s parents think the stuff should be illegal. But right now it’s not illegal at a State or Federal level. Springfield Police stated that Greene County has sent this K2 to the state crime lab to have it analyzed. Police stated that it does not contain THC, like marijuana, and therefore, does not qualify as criminal.

  1. Janet Jenson says:

    I keep hearing people say that “everybody does it” regarding the use of weed and when I speak up and say “not everybody” as I’ve never done it, I get strange looks and “oh, come on” kind of remarks like they don’t believe me. Life is so full and rich and beautiful that I just cannot begin to understand the rationale for wanting to get high on substance, and especially not on fake substance. Bleaghhh!

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