In Stone County Missouri Sheriff Richard L. Hill said a 65-year-old woman has been charged with 12 counts of animal abuse, a Class A misdemeanor, after a complaint of neglect of several dogs.

Investigators went to the home of Judy Lee Chambers on Holts Spring Road near Hurley, Mo., Tuesday, March 16, 2010 and observed several dogs with no accessible food or water.

(Sheriff Richard L. Hill on left)

“The investigators then knocked on the front door of the residence and could detect a strong foul odor of what he believed to be feces and urine coming from the home,” Sheriff Richard L. Hill said. “The investigators did observe at least 13 dogs running loose and free inside the residence, with several of the dogs that appeared to be emaciated. They also observed an abundance of feces and trash covering the floor.”

Investigators applied for a search warrant to inspect, care for and/or impound neglected or abused animals.

A total of 55 dogs were located, with several being emaciated. More than 20 were located inside the home, and two puppies were found inside the home that needed immediate care.

Eleven deceased dogs ranging from newborn to adult age were also found. The animals were taken by the Humane Society of Missouri to be cared for and thoroughly examined.

Armed with the warrant, police and members of the Missouri Humane Society went to the property on Monday, March 22.

In searching the outside grounds, a plastic storage container was located which contained 11 deceased dogs ranging from newborn to adult age.

Judy Lee Chambers, 65, faces 12 counts of improper disposing of a dead animal, and 12 counts of animal abuse. Charges were filed at 9 a.m. on March 24, 2010.A check of records indicated the residents of the home had applied for a breeder’s license but were found not to be in compliance with state statutes at the time of application.

A disposition hearing for the animals is scheduled for Wednesday, March 31 at 9:30 a.m. in Galena. Judy Lee Chambers is to appear in court next on Apr. 20.

  1. Donna Rogers says:

    It sounds really horrible to read this, but knowing how this can be made to sound so much worse than it really is. I do not know judy Chambers, I have not seen her kennels/home condition. I would want to know how many breeds she was breeding, did she do dna testing on her breeding stock appropriate for that breed to detect genetic disorders and eliminate carriers and afflicted from her breeding program, why did she have dogs teathered inside her home, how emaciated were the dogs found to be skinny, Were the skinny dogs females with too many sucking puppies. (this can happen and the breeder must help the mom by feeding some of the puppies until they are old enough to eat). were the dogs on heartworm prev. (all dogs should be here in missouri). there are a 100 questions Is Judy a responsile breeder whose numbers got out of control due to inability to find homes in this economy. Had Judy recently suffered an illness and unale to clean up after her dogs, and some friend/neighbor didnt want to help her so called the animal control as the only way to help the dogs???? so many questions should be answered before the public judges this woman.
    What the public should do is research, they will discover that ar groups hae openly stated that they want to make the art of breeding the same as drinking and smoking.
    The real goal of ar groups is to no longer allow a family to own a dog. No that wouldnt wash right now, but they are getting closer and closer. wake up america!
    I hope the judge will take the time to discover why Judy is in her current position. I hope the judge will discover what the courts can do to help this aging woman. Yes 55 dogs are far to many for any one breeder to keep up with. A smart judge will find a number that is reasonable for a 65 year old to keep up with and return that many dogs to her. the choice of dogs she keeps should be Judys. If Judy is not a good breeder her dogs she is allowed to keep should be ordered spneautered. The costs indicated by the HSOM of over 31k is rediculously high for 55 dogs. I have 16 and my monthly costs are less than 1k.
    Judy if you were here, I would give you a hug my dear. I know what you went thru, and i am sure you have a few favorite dogs they may also hae taken from you, and i know you must be hurting real bad right now. Ill pray for you

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