Reports of bicycle theft in Fayetteville have more than doubled since 2006. City officials said the spike in crime could be linked with an increase in ridership.

“We’ve done a great deal in the last three or four years to make Fayetteville a more bicycle friendly community,” said Steve Clark, president of the Chamber of Commerce. “Any increase in bike theft is likely due to the fact that more people are riding bikes.”

Last year, the Fayetteville Police Department investigated 60 reports of bike theft. Police records reveal almost every case remains open and active.

“Typically, our recoveries come in the form of a lost and found report,” said Fayetteville Police Sgt. Bill Phelan.

Everyone should always lock his or her bicycle. Don’t just hide it behind a utility screen unlocked. Get a kryptonite lock, not just a skimpy chain, that someone with bolt cutters could steal. Tricycles, too.

Attributed by Karen Ward…Please find her article here at


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