A Harrison man recently pleaded guilty to sexual assault charges and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Records show Phillip Reddicks, 38, was charged with three counts of second-degree sexual assault and one count of sexual indecency with a child for incidents covering an almost three-year period.

Deputy prosecutor Wes Bradford said the victim was a 12-year-old girl when the abuse began in November 2006 and that it went on until she was 14 in September 2009.

Bradford said sexual assault allegations were of touching only and that no penetration or sexual intercourse occurred that would have increased charges to rape. The indecency charge involved Reddicks exposing himself to the girl.

Reddicks was arrested Sept. 22, 2009, and held in jail until he was released Oct. 5 after posting $20,000 bond.

Reddicks’ wife, Anne Reddicks, 47, was charged with felony endangering the welfare of a minor for not taking proper steps to stop the abuse after the girl told her what happened.

Both pleaded guilty as charged Friday, April 16, in Boone County Circuit Court, Bradford said. He said Phillip Reddicks was sentenced to 15 years on each sexual assault charge and the maximum of six years on the indecency charge with those sentences to run concurrently.

Bradford said that Phillip Reddicks could be granted parole after serving a sixth of his entire term if given credit for good behavior.

However, he said it’s been his experience that sex offenders in a case with a child victim aren’t usually given credit for good behavior, so he could likely serve at least a third of the sentence before being eligible for parole and being eligible doesn’t mean parole will be granted.

Bradford said Anne Reddicks was sentenced to three years probation, but there was a reason behind both sentences.

He said that before the agreement was reached, he talked to many people involved in the case, including two law enforcement investigators, the school counselor, the attorney ad litem in the Department of Human Services’ case, the DHS case worker and the victim’s brother, who was also a witness in the case.

He said they all agreed that Phillip Reddicks was the “controlling perpetrator” in the family and that he should go to prison for as long as possible.

However, they all felt that with Phillip Reddicks out of the picture, there was hope that Anne Reddicks still had the potential to be a good person and mother. In addition, the children both expressed a desire to see their mother again, but no similar desire to see Phillip Reddicks, Bradford said.

A condition of the plea for both defendants was that they have no contact with the children. In both cases, the only way to have that condition lifted is if the children petition the court for such a move.

In Anne Reddicks’ case, the children will both be adults by the time she is off court supervision, at which time the no-contact provision will no longer apply. If the children wish to be with their mother again before that time, an adult will have to petition the court to lift the condition on behalf of the minor children, Bradford said.

A Boone County Jail spokesman said Phillip Reddicks was being held there Tuesday evening awaiting transport to prison.

Bradford said the children now live with a family member.

Original Article written by James L. White at the Harrison Daily Times find it at: http://www.harrisondailytimes.com/articles/2010/04/28/news/doc4bd79858b4202139658142.txt

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