Man Squeezes & Beats 21 Month Old Child to Death!!

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21 month old Jordan Grace Evans was rushed to the Harrison Hospital, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center, just a little before 6pm by her mother, Alecia Turner, and her mother’s boyfriend, Quinton Huett. The couple stated to the medical personnel that Jordan had been sick with Pneumonia, and that she has not been acting like herself. The couple stated that they had noticed Jordan’s stomach was swollen, so they put her down for a nap, but 10 minutes later when they went to check on her they noticed she was not breathing, so the mother’s boyfriend, Quinton Huett, started CPR.

The medical personnel at NARMC noticed that Jordan’s abdomen was large and swollen, and that bruising had begun to appear all on her lower right area. The medical personnel documented additional bruising on the child’s right foot and back, and that the child was “near death with no pulse”when she arrived. However, the medical team were able to get the child’s heartbeat back, and they placed her on a ventilator.”

Later after Jordan was stable enough, she was air lifted to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Physician’s there began to do a battle of test and exams on Jordan attempting to save her life. In the probable cause statement the test results showed that Jordan had an occipital skull fracture, blood on her brain, distended stomach filled with blood secondary to liver and spleen lacerations, retinal hemorrhages, bruises in the lower right quadrant and in the mid-chest and down her spine on her back, and that there was “NO BRAIN ACTIVITY”.

On Tuesday morning the Harrison Police Department interviewed Quinton Huett, which a Detective wrote about it in a probable cause statement:

“Quinton Huett admitted he does have anger issues, which were compounded by the sickness of the child and problems with the mother of his three children, who he does not live with. Huett stated that on Monday at their Duplex residence which is located at 620 South Sycamore Street, he was playing a PlayStation 3 game called Blitz, when Jordan started crying. Quinton Huett state Blitz was a video game that requires a lot of concentration, and the crying of the child distracted him and caused him to get angry.”

“Quinton Huett admitted he walked up to the child, who was in a different room lying down on the floor in an upright fetal position with her head to the side. Quinton Huett stated he picked up the child, facing her away from him, and squeezed the child harder than he should have by placing his thumbs on her back and his fingers on her chest. Quinton Huett admitted he then turned the child around toward him, placed the child’s chest against the area of his left collar bone and squeezed the child with both his arms until she stopped breathing for a second or two.”

“Quinton Huett admitted he then walked into a different room, where the child’s crib was and threw the child in the crib. Quinton Huett described he did this from approximately four (4) to five (5) feet high off the ground, and the child was thrown in head first while facing downward. Quinton Huett stated he believes the child might have hit one of the wooden bars in the bed, because the bed moved a few inches.”

Ramona Shaw who has lived a few years in the same neighborhood of Quinton Huett made the following statement: “This is terrible, terrible…. I think that’s terrible. It’s absolutely heart breaking to know that something like that could happen in this neighborhood. I have children myself and I could never imagine anything like that happening to my kids. It’s just heartbreaking.”

Other neighbors stated that the family kept to themselves and never caused any disturbance after moving into the duplex about a week ago.

Assistant Police Chief Sam Martin stated “Like anybody else that has children or grandchildren, it’s a very heart rendering experience. You feel bad for the detectives that have to work these cases. Most of them have children but they have to put that aside and go on and work the case to the best of your ability.”

Jordan Grace Evans died at the hospital in Little Rock on Wednesday just a little after 3pm. Friends of her family held a candlelight vigil in her honor from 9-12pm on Thursday.

Boone County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Wes Bradford charged Quinton Darryl Huett, 23, with Capital Murder for the death of 21 month old Jordan Evens. Quinton Huett appeared on Thursday before District Judge Fred Kirkpatrick. Quinton Huett is currently being held without bond, and according to the Court’s docket he is scheduled to be arraigned around 9:30am on Friday, March 16,2012.

Information Provided by Ashley Reynolds, KY3 News, & Curtis Hancock, KY3 News at:,0,7467185.story


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