Alpena Juvenile Detained for Breaking & Entering of Church!

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Arkansas, Blog, Boone County, Burglary, Crime, Law, Ozark Mountains, Robbery, Sheriff's Office, Uncategorized
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Sheriff Danny Hickman


Juvenile Detained for Breaking & Entering

Sheriff Danny Hickman reports that Sgt. Richard Pemberton responded to a report of a breaking and entering at the Alpena Baptist Church on March 14.

Sgt. Richard Pemberton

Sgt. Pemberton arrived to find that the window screens on the back of the church had been opened and one window broken out. The Sheriff’s Dept. received information on March 16, that a juvenile had broken into the church and stolen food.

Contact was made with the juvenile at a residence in Alpena, he was transported to the Sheriff’s Dept. and interviewed and admitted to breaking out the window with a fence post, entering the building and stealing the food.  The juvenile male was charged for Commercial Burglary and Theft of Property.  He was then turned over to Juvenile Intake Officer Dan Sears and was transported to a juvenile facility.

Information Provided by Boone County Sheriff’s Office at:


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