Welcome to “The Crime Beat”! I live in the Beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and my Blog mostly focuses on reporting Crime, and Crime related topics that happen here in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. I hope you enjoy my Blog and find it educational of what is happening here in the Ozark Mountains. The Ozark Mountains are so serene and peaceful…it is a wonderful place to live, raise a family, and to visit, and even though we have many wonderful Christian people, we’re just like anywhere else in this world; we have our criminals too.

Please feel to leave comments, I would love to hear from you and get your opinion. Also if you like you can join my Blog via email to get the latest daily stories and/or updates sent directly to your email. Also please pass it on to your friends and family who may also enjoy “The Crime Beat.” Thanks for stopping by and checking out “The Crime Beat!” Have a Great Day!!

~A.J. Russell~

  1. Wanda Kolomyjec says:

    I work for the O’Connor House in Tempe, Arizona. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to the idea that civil talk leads to civil action. We recently put together a report on the effectiveness of protective orders which we are preparing to distribute. As I was putting the report together, I was searching the web for an image on protective orders and one came up from your website. I was checking with you to see if it was copyrighted and if we could please have permission to use it for the cover page of our report.

    Thanks for your trouble.


  2. Surprise! You really covered this subject well. Are there other options that i’ll need to verify out?

  3. reneeboomer says:

    Thank you for dropping in at my blog and liking my “About Me page”. Have a great day. 🙂 Renee

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