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On Friday, March 19, 2010, Shawn Jackson, of Christian County, Missouri pled guilty to the child enticement charges and was sentenced to five years in prison for his actions. According to Stone County Prosecutor, Matt Selby this is not a typical five year sentence. “In most cases where a person is sent to prison, he or she will just actually serve a small percentage of their time before becoming eligible for parole,” says the prosecutor, “However, under the child enticement statute a person convicted of the crime must serve five calendar years before being eligible for any type of release. Given the nature of Mr. Jackson’s crime and the manner in which he talked to what he believed to be a 13 year old child, the sentence is appropriate.”

On August 5, 2008, the Stone County Detective investigating internet crimes against children went to work at the Stone County Sheriff’s Office, started up her computer, went to an adult chat room site, and logged on.

Then she waited. Soon she was contacted by a person with the screen name of “mike_beneing” who stated that he was a 26 year old white male from Missouri. The officer responded indicating that she was a thirteen year old female from Missouri. At the direction of the suspect the conversation almost immediately became sexual in nature with the suspect repeatedly requesting that the officer, whom he believed to be a thirteen year old at home by herself, to do sexual things with him.

 He also talked about setting up a meeting in which he could meet with the officer to do sexual things.

Throughout the month of August, 2008, the suspect, Shawn Jackson, contacted the officer through the chat room several times. Each time Shawn Jackson became extremely sexual in his chats repeatedly asking the officer to perform sexual acts and talking about meeting in person for the purpose of doing sexual things. Each time the officer introduced herself as a thirteen year old girl.

~Prosecutor Matt Selby~

As the investigation continued the detective was able to identify the location of the computer and identity of the person she was chatting with through internet records, Department of Revenue records, and from pictures off of his web cam. On July 7, 2009, the information was turned over to the Stone County Prosecutor’s Office. Stone County Prosecutor, Matt Selby, filed child enticement and sexual misconduct charges against the suspect, who was 33 year old Shawn Jackson, of Christian County, Missouri.

~Shawn Jackson~

Jackson was arrested a few days later by Stone County officers.

The Shawn Jackson case is one of more than twenty-five cases that have been or are being prosecuted since the Stone County Sheriff’s Office began its internet crimes against children investigations in 2008. Jackson is the second offender sentenced to a prison term this month.


On December 3, 2008 an Oklahoma man died of an apparent gunshot wound in Stone County, Missouri.
The Stone County Sheriff’s Department reported that deputies had went to a house in the Stormy Point neighborhood that is near Branson, Missouri late that night on December 3, 2008, after receiving a call about gunshots being fired.

When stone County Deputies arrived they found 44 year old Del Brant Moore of El Reno, Oklahoma on the ground. Once the Paramedics arrived they pronounced Del Brant Moore dead at the scene.

Picture Above~Stone County Office Deputies responded to this home at 53 Sherman Way in  Patterson Duck Club, the scene of an alleged shooting& homicide.

According to a probable cause statement the Authorities discovered that Del Brant Moore had an altercation with his 57 year old stepfather Neil Dowdy in Neil Dowdy’s home at 53 Sherman Way that is located just west of Branson. There altercation resulted in Neil Dowdy shooting Del Brant Moore one time in the face with a 9mm Browning Hi-Power pistol. Del Brant Moore died instantly at the scene as a result of the gunshot wound to his face.

Neil Dowdy 

Neil Dowdy was arrested on charges of second degree murder and armed with a $750,000 bond. However this was later amended and was broken into two parts, one for each crime committed. Court records indicated a signature bond for $550,000.00 was posted with Neil Dowdy’s brother in addition to a $200,000.00 surety bond.

Neil Dowdy pleaded not guilty in 2009 to both charges against him. If he is convicted of 2nd degree murder, the he faced 10-30 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Stone County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Selby

According to the Stone County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Selby, “The defense attorney’s for Neil Dowdy had filed a motion asking for the case to be kicked out or dismissed because of the Castle Doctrine.”

Under Missouri Revised Statute Chapter 563, known as the Missouri Castle Doctrine, Missouri residents are given the right to use lethal force in defense of their homes and families against illegal intruders.

Prosecuting Attorney Matt Selby said the Judge should rule on the motion in the next couple of weeks. Depending on the Judge’s decision, on April 6, the case could be sent to trial.

“We think this issue of self defense is one that should be decided at trial,” Prosecuting Attorney Matt Selby said.

On April 6, 2009 the judged ruled and a an original jury trial date was planned for Jan. 25-29, but was moved after Stone County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Selby requested a continuance in the case.

However during Neil Dowdy’s preliminary hearing on Jan. 26, 2010 Capt. Tim Gideon of the Stone County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigative Division testified that while following up on a report of a gunshot at the home, deputies discovered Moore was suffering from a gunshot wound to the face whom was later pronounced dead at the scene.

The alleged shooting resulted from an argument between Neil Dowdy and Del Brant Moore. Neil Dowdy is married to Barbara Dowdy, whom is Del Brant Moore’s mother. Capt. Tim Gideon testified that Neil Dowdy and Del Brant Moore were involved in an altercation inside the house in which alcohol was involved.

The judge granted a motion by the defense to suppress certain evidence. Prosecuting Attorney Matt Selby has appealed that decision, but the issue will not be resolved in time for the jury trial that was set for March 23-26, 2010.